Toriano Sanzone- Master Dog Trainer-Author-Motivational Speaker-Entrepreneur
THE SANZONE SCHOOL OF DOG TRAINING is the only dog training facility in the State of Illinois that uses outside non-compete dog trainers to test and certify all our dog training students.  WE PUT OUR TRAINING TO THE TEST, So you can be confidant your dog is trained to perfection!


I have been exposed to dogs since I was 4 years old and therefore I feel like I have been training dogs my entire life.  My family raised and bred German Shepherds and we have always had at least 4 dogs in our household.              

Almost 7 years ago, my Aunt Tamara Eston and I, started DOPA DOGS Inc. out of small training facility in Jefferson Park area of Chicago, we then moved to another facility in the Ukrainian Village area of Chicago, and now currently the Sanzone School of Dog Training / Wolfkeepers are affiliated with several other dog facilities in Chicago where we provide dog training services.

Just like the evolution of man, dogs have also evolved over time to adapt to the ever changing environments that they live in.  Therefore, my dog training company has evolved over the last 7 years to adapt to the ever changing environments being produced by the inner city and creating new and exciting challenges for the family pet.

The dog that I grew up with in the 70’s is different from the one that I will train in 2030.  The circumstances, the family structures, the pheromones of the galaxy will constantly change the way we interact with our “family pet” or what I call the “domesticated wolf”.  I am no longer a dog trainer but a Wolfkeeper and I was put on this planet to be a shepherd to the greatest flock ever, the domesticated wolf.  My mission is to convert the 45 million dog owners across the globe into Wolfkeepers, I hope you join this journey with me.


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